Visitor Benefits

Why visit Digital Expotextil Peru?

Las ferias en general, representan ventajas inigualables, ya que ningún otro medio reúne una muestra tan significativa de la oferta y demanda del sector, en un corto período de tiempo.

Trade Fairs in general represent unique advantages, since no other medium gathers such a significant sample of the supply and demand of the sector, in a short period of time.


  1. Obtain product/service distribution agreements.
  2. Achieve a business relationship without the need for intermediaries.
  3. Know the evolution and reality of the industry, new trends, cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the sector.
  4. It is an optimal alternative to interact and interrelate with new providers, as well as those with whom you currently work, through new digital experiences due to social distancing.
  5. Find in a single platform, everything you need for your business in such a way that the investment you make will be fully backed by the efficiency of your visit, avoiding travel and higher costs.
  6. Obtain an overview of all the specialized commercial offer on the market. National and foreign trends and news.
  7. Build a contact network.
  8. It is a novel scenario to open commercial horizons, find new uses for existing products and discover needs in other areas of the business.
  9. Strengthen business relationships with current suppliers.
  10. Directly analyze and verify the characteristics and/or specifications of the product/service of possible new suppliers.
  11. Expand knowledge and application of technologies and services.
  12. Obtain the necessary information to evaluate the possibilities of future participation as an exhibitor.
  13. To be able to have direct contact with current and potential suppliers and/or clients during the 5 days of the fair in the place that you prefer.
  14. Interact in real time with prospects via audio/video/chat/zoom.
  15. It allows you to know what is happening in the market, if there are new stakeholders or competences.
  16. Opportunity to receive first-line training in Textile Industry Week, through conferences and/or webinars with chat for questions.
  17. You can be access from a laptop, PC, tablet or cellphone with internet anywhere in the world. It does not require additional equipment as it is not developed in 3D.