We are a group of highly qualified professionals in the organization of competitions, we have more than 25 years of successful experience backed by fair events widely recognized in the country, belonging to different sectors and economic activities; efficiency verified, also, by the main unions, business associations and institutions with which we work.
We carry out different activities in which our capacity and ambition intervene to give you the best in each event, as well as:
- Analysis of sectors, markets and national and international economic activities
- Organization and comprehensive production of fairs and exhibitions International fair marketing
- Press / Advertising - Business rounds
- National and International Marketing
- Architecture, design and assembly
Organizer of Expo Yo Constructor Virtual, thanks for your visit to our website and if you need any additional information, please contact us:
Ingeniero Luis Montero 106, Of. 215
C.H. Las Torres de Limatambo
Lima 41, San Borja
Report y sales:
Sra. Raquel Pérez-Quevedo - Gerente general
telephone: +51 999 856 016  /  +511  475 2524
Srta. Marcia Rosales Donayre - Jefe de producto
telephone: +51 988 389 324  /  +511  475 2524

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